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Modesto Arts And Music Organization 2007 Series

John Griswald and Friends has morphed into a new non-profit organization amply named "Modesto Arts & Music Organization". John Griswold was awoken by “the call”, he became interested in presenting events and music while a volunteer with the American Cancer Society back in '87.  He then chaired their Black and White Ball in '89 including booking performance groups for the evening event and creating the opening festivities for the new Red Lion Hotel.  After chairing the B&W Ball in ’89 and ‘90,  he moved on to assist other non-profits in their events.  In '94, as founding director of the State Theatre, his "presenting" went into full swing with Smooth Jazz, Chamber, Celtic and Rock concerts.  At the end of his reign at the state he started booking as "John Griswold Presents" and in ’93 a new group was formed:  “John Griswold and Friends,” founded in association with Dan Yunt, John Martino, Laurie DeBie.  JG&F has now taken on yet another new form, becoming “Modesto Arts and Music Organization, Inc.” a 501(c)(3), a not-for-profit corporation. The newly formed “ModAMO”, with the addition of a board of directors, will be taking on a larger presence in the arts community, not only in music concerts, but arts presentations as well. Our first love is smooth jazz and all of the folks involved in the genre.  However, we feel in order to serve the community better we need to reach past smooth jazz and include some traditional jazz, light rock groups, chamber and perhaps some Celtic as well.   They are also going to try to set up workshops and in-class presentations by some of the gifted artists…. (as though they aren’t all gifted!)

At this time, their concerts are presented exclusively at the SOS Club in Modesto.  In good weather, they use the beautiful grounds in a park-like setting close to the swimming pools and tennis courts.  In the off weather they use their large indoor room, the Sportsman's Hall.  On occasion they also have shows at Jacob's Fine Dining. They strive to present what they feel is the best evening's entertainment in the Central Valley of California.   Much care goes into selecting our artists keeping in mind that the best performers are not always the biggest names.  They try to create a mixture of well-known artists with those that are just starting out and working their butts off to become well-known. 

March 30 Matt Marshak  
May 18 Slim Man  
June 16

Warren Hill, Sahnas

July 14 Nils, Marion Meadows, Will Donato  
August 3 Urban Jazz Coalition  
August 25 Slim Man w/ Marc Antoine  
September   Sahnas  


Slim Man




Warren Hill


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