At the Gallo Arts Center
Modesto, CA
Fourplay enters as a group, advances to the front of the stage, they all bow in unison to the audience while smiling at the sold out house of 440 at the beautiful Gallo Arts Center in Modesto, CA. The theatre was intimate with a raked floor and great acoustics. The band was pleased and the audience was ecstatic! Fourplay veered from the show they have been playing of new material from their new CD, Energy, to treat us all with Journey and Eastbound.
Reg Evans and Roman Guzman (Roman on the River) from Central Valley Music Group
Gallo Center For The Arts

Modesto, CA
This beautiful facility, run by a non-profit organization boasts two theatres. The Foster Family Theatre that holds 444 and the Mary Stuart Rogers Theatre with setting for 945. Now two years old, a diverse array of events take place attracting a many different community groups to the downtown area.
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